Saturday, August 23, 2008

Just Hanging Out on a Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

Chestnut-backed Chickadee hanging out at The Lazy Vegan

It was the perfect hanging-out weather today- also the perfect day to get caught up on cleaning up the pasture (always a thrill). I have to say that I've become pretty efficient at scooping up donkey manure- now if I could just get Paco & Luigi to do "their business" in just ONE spot, it would be helpful (although they actually DO keep it down to just certain areas). Early in the evening the donkeys entertained themselves for at least 45 minutes playing with the empty sweet grain bucket- really funny to watch!

Luigi appearing to be yelling something at poor Paco!
The little chickadee again.
The empty grain pan is just about as exciting as when it is full.

This goes on and on.
The horses across the way.

Earlier in the day, fun & games while I clean up the pasture!
Boulder hangs out while Randy works.
He's the perfect shoulder cat.
But lately his habit of walking near or on the keyboard is getting old!