Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Lazy Foreman Cooks and a Visit from Claire

Claire with Boulder!
Claire came for a visit this evening and we all watched Obama's speech while eating dinner (made by the Foreman of The Lazy Vegan- his specialty: garden pasta) and, later, vegan ice cream cones. Solo had front row seating for the event. He's a big Obama fan, ever since he heard that Obama has promised his girls a dog if he makes it to the White House...perhaps Solo is thinking that dog could be HIM??? There's no way I'd give my little Solo up- even to go live in the White House! Another hot, hot day here today...we're all tired of it, even the donkeys!

Solo howls his approval.

Posing with Solo.
Solo will miss Claire when she returns to college!
The foreman of The Lazy Vegan prepares his speciality dish: garden pasta.

Careful to get just the perfect amount.
Very tricky, making pasta.
A bit of beer is helpful to the cook.

Earlier in the evening, the boys were once again fascinated by the pitchfork.

Paco in particular seems to get a kick out of the pitchfork!

Even though it was hot, Toby still had it in him to leap after the ball.

Still observing the postioning of animals...after Dad alerted us all to a very interesting article about cattle aligning themselves with the magnetic poles of the earth (more on this on a future blog)...so note that the horses below are facing EAST.

While our donkeys face WEST.
The chef must make sure that the zukes are ripe enough before adding them to his speciality dinner: garden pasta. Either that or he has become desperate for some quality meals!
Bravo with the garden basket!