Sunday, August 17, 2008

Very Playful Donkeys and a Visit from Paul & Lindsey at The Lazy Vegan

Paul & Lindsey on the front terrace

It was a relaxing Sunday at The Lazy Vegan...the donkeys were in particularly playful moods- lots of running around and biting ankles (the way donkeys play!). We had a nice unexpected visit from Paul & Lindsey, who politely tried my romaine lettuce, kale, lemon, ginger & apple drink fresh from the juicer! In the morning I walked with my friend Anita and the very cute dog named Ivan...who is in training to be a Canine Companion. We walked by a house that was really a mini farm- with pigs, goats, hens, sheep and two very cute miniature horses...all looked like they were being humanely raised, so it passed MY inspection!

There's nothing like hanging out right smack under The Lazy Vegan sign!
Paul is Bravo's hero!
The donkeys start to play...
A bite here, a bite there...
They like to get on opposite sides of the fence in the corral- which is a bit amusing!

Paco gets a good hold on Luigi's leg!

A lot of donkey snorting while this is going on...

Taking the play into the barn!

Best buds!!!

Sometimes I think they just like to pose for the photographer!

Ridiculous boys.

Paco eyes ME.
Checking out the pitchfork, and seeing how the fence tastes!