Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Hay and Supplies and a Visit from the Farrier at The Lazy Vegan!

The donkeys watch me attempt to stack hay bales!

It was a great day to get NEW hay today! I picked up the biggest load that I have so far in the truck- six bales of orchard grass hay and four big cubes of pine shavings bedding. Plus, bought a new pitchfork to replace the one I broke while cleaning up the pasture...and the dogs got treats and Boulder got a new toy! It kind of all makes up for the drama the donkeys have to go through when the farrier visits, which was first thing this morning!

Boulder eyes his new toy, which is a little plastic pom-pom on the end of a long wire.
Attack cat!

My big hay load. This time I could not unload it myself. Usually I can slide the bales to the end of the truck and let them fall. This time when I did that, the first bale immediately hit and broke the pallet it was supposed to sit on. So I'll have to get the foreman of The Lazy Vegan to help!
Brand new (and clean!) pitchfork!
Solo gets a new toy- a DONKEY!!!
Toby and Bravo really wanted the donkey, too- but they got other treats (the kind you eat). Solo deserves his own special new toys since he doesn't ever play with Toby and Bravo.
The farrier visit! Every eight weeks- it seems to come around so fast!

Randy shows his concern.
Brent with Paco after the job is done!
Here's what the trimmings from their hooves looks like!

Once again, not as easy as it may look. The donkeys are STRONG!

There was no coaxing Paco- so Brent had to pull him!
Weegie's turn.
Paco was pretty interested in watching once his turn was over.
Weegie gets a rubdown from "Papa" while his hooves get trimmed!

Brent was telling us about putting shoes on a Draft horse. Must make the donkeys seem pretty easy.

Paco when it was his turn- he really was not happy about this at all.

Randy gives Paco an "interior ear rub" (that's what he calls it) for reassurance. I'm willing to bet these are the only donkeys in the world who get ear rubs while the farrier works on them! Unless there are other crazy donkey people out there like us... Before the farrier came, I lured the donks into the corral with a carrot!

Luigi in the morning sunshine.
All harnessed up and ready to go!
Paco finds out what's going on from the foreman of The Lazy Vegan!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Last Sunday in September at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder wakes up from his 100th catnap of the day.
It was a peaceful last Sunday in September at The Lazy Vegan today...it had an interesting start...I was heading out this morning to meet a friend for a walk and came upon an Alpaca in the middle of Hidden Lake Rd. (I was driving). I spent several minutes just sitting in my car trying to figure out what I was going to do, as the Alpaca (HUGE) slowly trotted down toward Hwy. 116!! I pulled my car over and was going to grab my spare dog leash (WHAT exactly I was going to do with it I haven't a clue) when suddenly the Alpaca turned and looked right at me. They are VERY funny looking and this one was particularly expressive. He or she then proceeded to walk toward my car, so I decided to stay put! He casually trotted by (he was three times the size of the donkeys) and suddenly headed up a dirt road nearby...so I was spared trying to "save" a loose Alpaca- I watched him go up the road and can only assume that's where he lived- I didn't follow up because it was too early in the a.m. to go door knocking to ask if anyone was missing their Alpaca!
In other Lazy Vegan news, Randy continued to do his exterior painting & misc. work and I sewed part of the awnings that were ripping before they go back up...last week we ordered some new awnings- one for the front door and one for the balcony. Besides looking cool, they help shelter the house from the rain and sun. The day ended with a fantastic vegan meal with our friends Tim & Camille- Camille made an amazing lasagna that non-vegans would never guess was vegan! And we got to visit their adorable dog, Baron. So all in all, a great last Sunday in September!
Proudly displaying our "YES on Prop. 2" t-shirts!
With Baron!
Baron adores Randy.
Baron with Tim.
Vegan outdoor dining!

I discovered today that my donkeys have discovered the rubber mats that are underneath all the pine shavings in their barn- they spent a long time trying to pull them up with their teeth.
This donkey snout gets kissed several times a day!

Paco thinks about what he wants to be when he grows up.

You can just make out Randy on the other side of the window up high.
Bravo helped me patch the awnings.

I love how Randy's hard at work up on a ladder above the LAZY vegan sign!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Heat Slinks Back to The Lazy Vegan

Boulder Takes an Evening Stroll down the Path

Just when I was getting so excited about the change of season- the leaves turning color and the nice and crisp and COOL days- the heat returns to The Lazy Vegan! No fun for me, but the donkeys don't seem to mind- neither do all the birds. Boulder goes directly to his cool spot under the deck by the cabin and the dogs sit around on the couches panting. I'm looking forward to fog rolling in SOON!

Lots of birds out today.
Paco and Luigi stayed up extra late tonight and were enjoying running around and playing in the dark!
Weegie played with this stick for a long time.
My funny donkeys. Today I was at a property where there was a horse and goat next door. They were hanging out and even walking alongside one another. The goat was huge. They were a very cute pair, and it made me want to get a goat. Any other animal additions to The Lazy Vegan will be rescue animals, however.

Boulder followed me at dusk after I put the donkeys in the corral. He prefers to go inside as soon as it gets dark now.
Bravo stays cool.
Spunky little blue jay.
The donks look in the garden.
As usual, Paco is there to help me clean the barn!

Boulder just always happens to be in the way of the camera.
Cat and Dog together- AGAIN.
Check out poor little Solo's hind legs. This is how he walks now most of the time- the back legs cross over one another. He gets along amazingly fast considering this is going on. At his next vet appointment the vet will check it out again.
I stuck all the terriers in the garden today. It is great because it is all fenced, and they can get some fresh air without running all over the place (or, in Bravo's case, without running off to the neighbor's house!).