Monday, September 15, 2008

Animals Don't Care About the Stock Market at The Lazy Vegan!

None of the animals are the least bit concerned with what is going on with the financial world right now...as long as they continue to get their meals & snacks! Another beautiful day at The Lazy Vegan today...I love the changing colors. Paco & Luigi look good against the reds, oranges & yellows in the view line! I made an appointment today for the equine vet to come take a look at Weegie's bald patches next week, and I'll make an appointment tomorrow to take Bravo into his vet- he's still coughing and I want to rule out anything serious. With Boulder I know that his ailments are just his old age...so I'll continue to pamper and spoil him for the rest of his days! Bravo attempting to get out above and below.
Luigi gives a dramatic head shake!
The boys eye the tomatoes in the garden, and play underneath the pine tree.
A series of self-timed photos with me and my spoiled cat!! I love his expression in the first one.

The self-timer makes a funny noise and it reminds me of waiting for a pop-up toy to come popping out!
Boulder was very patient. In fact, he was even purring!

Toby squeezes under the fencing to retrieve his moose.

Little jay on the oak tree.
And a different bird on a different tree- I love the leaves!
Solo really gets around for a slightly crippled old guy!
Boulder thinks the financial outlook and everything looks quite good.