Saturday, September 20, 2008

Boulder Poses for a Formal Portrait & Karina Visits on a Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder in a Bow-Tie on Sept. 20th, 2008
I found this bow-tie FOR CATS at the store (for Halloween, I guess) and could not resist getting it for Boulder's formal portrait- it fits him perfectly (and are his colors!!) and he actually loved wearing it! So here is Boulder, sitting quietly and perfectly for his "formal portrait" taken by his favorite photographer (that would be me)! Be sure to check back on Halloween to see his REAL Halloween costume...sure to be a hit. I didn't try it on him yet. The bow-tie was enough for one evening! In other Lazy Vegan news, Karina came by for a very nice visit today- we were happy to see her and so were the animals! Also today I discovered that Paco also has some bald patches, just like Luigi- three of them...so it is good that the equine vet comes on Tuesday. Randy made dinner tonight, the perfect end to a great day (yes, he made his GARDEN FRESH PASTA).

He almost doesn't look real!

Our dapper cat.

He was even purring. I love this cat.

So much fun with a pitchfork!

A lizard hides himself on a rock.
He really does blend in!
Boulder earlier in the day, before he got all formal. Karina and Solo!

Randy shows off the butternut squash.
Paco in the morning, ready for the day!

And Weegie right behind him!
Weegie tries to reach the plant on the other side.
Paco scratches himself on the bench. My poor donks. They just might have the dreaded lice.
Randy pretends to water Karina while she plays guitar in the garden.