Monday, September 8, 2008

Cool Breezes Come Back to The Lazy Vegan!

Everything is better with the cool breezes back! I actually thought about putting on a long sleeved shirt this evening. Instead, I ran around with the donkeys to warm up. I played "hide and seek" with Paco and Luigi...I first did a little dance in the corral (yes, that's right: a little dance...the neighbors must really wonder what goes on here) to get their attention, and then I dashed into the barn and stood in the far corner so they wouldn't see me. Sure enough, within minutes (on their OWN time), each donkey would come into the barn to "find" me...and both looked quite startled to see me in the corner (Paco actually looked annoyed). So this went on for some time until I went dashing into the barn to "hide" again but neither donkey came "searching" for me...which was pretty hilarious...by the time I peeked out to see what they were up to, I saw that they had left the corral completely and were on to other things!
Randy and Luigi show off their pearly whites.
Weegie gets real comfy with his papa.
I wish I could kiss Luigi's cute snout. He won't let me!
Practicing with the self-timer feature of my camera...it makes a funny noise before it goes off, and here Paco moved in to investigate!
This was the best I could do:
Then Luigi got into the act.
Playing "hide and seek" with my boys!

They're not sure what to make of me at times. Then again, the foreman of The Lazy Vegan isn't always too sure, either.
Disgusting habit! It is a good thing he's so cute. But eating donkey manure is high up on the list of most disgusting things to do. Which is exactly why Bravo loves it!
Looking at him below, you'd never guess he was a donkey-poop-eater.
In the kitchen with my special Boulder, world's most finicky eater. I have been trying every different type of food lately and he seems to like nothing. And he's losing weight. So a trip to the vet is in the near future...
Maybe it is just me, but I think the profile of a donkey's mouth is just ADORABLE.