Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Despite Feeling Overwhelmed by the Amount of Donkey Manure to Clean up in the Pasture, Life is Great at The Lazy Vegan

Paco the good little donkey

Lately I feel overwhelmed by the endless supply of donkey poop in the pasture...I think it is because there is hardly any grass left- so every little piece of manure really shows up! This weekend I will have to plan a marathon manure clean-up. And not to mention the HUGE manure pile OUTSIDE of the pasture!! The boys are really good about going in certain areas, and even many times outside the fence (which is quite a sight to see when it happens- they really do aim for the other side!)...and I want them to have a nice clean area to hang out in. Really, I shouldn't be complaining at all...they are so cute and great to be around that they're worth every second I spend cleaning up after them!
Weegie the good little donkey
Truding along with their shadows to the hay feeder for dinner!
Look who popped out along side the path!
Solo has been howling a lot lately. It is his way of saying hello.
Red-shouldered hawk below the pasture.
Check out Luigi's way of playing...grabbing and biting Paco on the leg!

Little birdie on the ladder.
Boulder in a series of photos...lounging on the half-wall in the living room!