Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Animals on a Wednesday at The Lazy Vegan

Weegie in black & white!
Everyone was happy today at The Lazy Vegan- a beautiful day- fog in the morning and sunshine and breezes in the afternoon! The donkeys helped clean up the pasture (always a HUGE help) and then played with a stick, which seems to be their latest thing- one of them will pick up a stick and the other will try to grab it. Bravo seems completely recovered from his mysterious illness that came on suddenly last night. There's nothing quite like taking a terrier outside over and over again so he can eat grass and then throw up. He was very dramatic about it, too- would go for the tallest grass and chomp away like he hadn't eaten in months. I lost all sympathy for him and realized he wasn't that sick when he zoomed back into the house at one point and devoured the plate of cat food that I had accidentally left on the kitchen floor!
Bravo feeling like himself again...

Two birds chat about the day while overlooking the garden.
Boulder poses by the black walnut tree.

Rearing up and having a good ole time!

Playing with the stick, above- and playing with the stuffed moose, below!
Toby has the world's skinniest little terrier legs.
Solo manages to get around. He's not doing stairs well at all, though.

What fun- time to play around the poop wheelbarrow!

See all the little black things on the ground? Yep. Dried donkey poop. In the heat wave they all turned into petrified little pieces and rolled down the hill instead of staying in one spot. It is very tedious to clean it up. I confess that I used my hands at one point, which was easier than the pooper-scooper stick. Besides, donkey poop is really all-natural!!

They like the red bucket best.

Below Paco tries to stomp it into submission.
"Hey, Weegie, let's see if we can roll this thing down the big hill and watch Mama run after it!"
The stick again.
Luigi jumps up for the oak leaves.