Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just Another Special Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

How much fun can you have with an empty bucket?? Just ask the donkeys...apparently, an empty bucket is ALL you need to have fun!! Even though the heat continues like a really bad movie, the day was a pleasant one. The house stays fairly cool if we shut everything up early in the morning, and I position the pups with their little beds directly under the living room fan...Boulder, I discovered, has found a vent on the side of the outside of the house that actually has cool air drifting out of it from the basement (very smart cat)...so he's been hanging out directly in front of the vent for most of the day. And that's about it for yet another special Saturday at The Lazy Vegan!
Paco and Luigi are very pleased with themselves.
They also played for a long time with this stick. They really like to play just as much as dogs and cats do!

Trying to help me pick up the pasture...

They especially like the little yellow rope handle.

Weegie stares out at the world beyond the pasture...which makes me a bit sad. I wish it was easier to walk them all over the place. We ARE going to expand their area even more soon!
Blooming sunflower.
Fun and games after dinner, with Toby narrowly escaping.

Boulder- world's smartest cat.

Paco's still holding out hope that Toby will play ball with him.