Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nothing Really Earth-Shattering Going on at The Lazy Vegan on a Sunday

The Last Days of the Garden Sunflower

A good day today- nothing earth-shattering; just a mellow & sunny Lazy Vegan day! Randy continued to repaint the exterior of the house. How he can casually go way up the ladder with a bucket and brush in hand is beyond me. I prefer to stay low to the ground, where I can pick up donkey poop in the pasture! (Sorry- it is just a subject constantly on my mind lately). My goal is to have the pasture pristine by the time the vet arrives on Tuesday. There's nothing like the expected arrival of the equine vet to kick me into gear. I need manure management MOTIVATION!!

Weegie was in good spirits today.
I love, love, love the geese that fly by!

The new package of pine shavings luckily passes inspection.
Bravo being brave in the pasture.

Bravo and Toby hanging out. Solo was off on a solo adventure!

I love Bravo's little airborne back legs.
Paco being pensive. He's probably worried about his bald patches.

Luigi tentatively takes the carrot pieces I give him, while Paco practically attacks me for them!
Some time I'll have to video tape the carrot-treat time. I usually eat part of it, too. So there's a lot of chomping going on.
Boulder was in a bit of a snarky mood today.
Here he is in his "attack mode" while looking at Toby.
...and here he is helping out with the blog!