Friday, September 5, 2008

So Much Fun with the Empty Sweet Grain Pan at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder in the early evening...
Another hot one at The Lazy Vegan today...but that didn't stop the donkeys from playing their current favorite game: picking up and "tossing" the empty sweet grain pan! It is really hilarious to watch. They spend tons of time shuffling the pan around and then once in a while one of them will get hold of the edge and swing it around. I think they enjoy this almost as much as they enjoy eating the sweet grain beforehand!
Toby with what I now refer to as his "Palin toy"...a moose!
I just KNEW other animals were taking advantage of the water in the donkey pasture...here I spotted a squirrel boldly making his or her move...

Too cute!!!

Look closely at the little hunched shoulders as he/she gets a drink...

And then heads back home...

A pretty risky move for a nice long drink!

Luigi and Paco after their sweet grain snack.

Weegie pushes the pan.
And Paco pulls.
Team work.

At first they do this funny stomping thing.

I guess to get the pan up on its side...
Just really ENDLESS fun!
Even neighbors walking by looked up and smiled. Of course, we get that a lot now.
This weekend I'm going to buy them a different colored pan, and see which one they like best.