Saturday, September 13, 2008

Spectacular Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

Wonderful weather to hang out in on a spectacular Saturday! While the foreman of The Lazy Vegan worked on maintenance on the exterior of the house, I worked on the inside- cleaned the fridge (I resisted the urge to take a photo) and cabinets and underneath the sink, where a mystery of items always end up. At one point I came back inside from taking out the garbage just in time to catch Bravo slinking by with an entire bagel in his mouth! Since he still seems a bit under the weather, I was glad he didn't get to eat it. In other news, I've decided to place a call to the equine vet about Weegie's bald patches- he has six in all!
The boys all had fun playing in the pasture.
The foreman of The Lazy Vegan hard at work.
Taking a break to say hi to his donkeys, below.
Boulder leaves the cabin where he's been taking his naps lately.

And heads directly for his favorite tree...
...which doubles as his scratching post!
Solo and his now favorite toy- the new one- "Blue Mouse"!
I think they look good together.

Solo still has a nice "smile", despite his lack of teeth!

It just isn't that easy being a terrier at The Lazy Vegan.
My little bald-patch Luigi!
And my little Paco.
Bravo after being chased out of the pasture area.
From my morning run & bike ride with Snap- it was "Graton Day" in Graton and we loved this old car!

I think we should buy it. Heck, my purse matches!
To add to the flavor of old time, this bistro guy walked by with loaves of bread!
If you look at the photo below carefully, you'll see that the moose toy is directly ABOVE Toby.
On the look-out from the front terrace.