Sunday, September 14, 2008

Super Sunday at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder steps out.

What a super Sunday at The Lazy Vegan! Fall is in the air. Paco and Luigi have been happily eating the leaves of the Poplar tree that are now falling. While doing some research regarding Weegie's bald patches, I came across an article talking about how toxic black walnut trees are to donkeys (can be fatal) - everything: the walnuts, the bark, the leaves...even if donkeys WALK on the leaves (toxins can travel up their hooves). We HAVE a black walnut tree and now I'm going to insist that the foreman of The Lazy Vegan chop it down. It isn't in the pasture, of course- but it is near it and the boys have walked around it when we've taken them out for walks. YEESH- one more thing to worry about- first mountain lions, and now black walnut trees!

Very cute Stellar Jay on the copper gutter, and on the perch below.

Luigi is getting a bit bored with the pitchfork game.
So Paco spiced things up.
Bravo decides which tomato will taste the best.

Solo in the Fall colors!
A new bag of pine shavings! Such excitement.
Weegie can't wait till I spread them all around inside the barn.

Chasing Toby is so much fun.

The donkeys really just "pretend" chase him.

Bravo tries out the new bed.