Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Visit from the Vet on the Second Day of Fall

It was a very warm day for a visit from the vet today...Paco and Luigi were also due for their rabies shots AND their VERY first dental exam- and also got their little bald patches examined, which turned out to be nothing serious- the vet thinks they're just from playing rough and rubbing against tree trunks. I got a call on my cell phone when I was delivering flyers to a property that the vet was "running early" (like an hour early!), so I zoomed home and flew into the house, grabbed a carrot and ran down to the pasture to lure Paco & Luigi up into the corral. Just as they started to follow me with the carrot (well, they were literally just following the CARROT that I was holding), the vet truck drove up the driveway- so I managed to get the donkeys both in the corral and actually got their halters on by myself in record time- usually it takes me forever to get the halter on Weegie. It is good to know that in an emergency, I can have them ready to go in under two minutes! Randy arrived just in time for the shots and dental exam...here he is with the donkeys and Dr. Kerr (right) and his assistant, Justin (who was trying to charm the boys the whole visit!).
Clearly the boys weren't really into the idea of being examined.
Dr. Kerr makes amends with Weegie, below, after the "ordeal".

Paco's first dental exam!!! Hilarious. He still has all his baby teeth. Apparently it takes five years for their adult teeth to emerge. So I have "teething" donkeys still!
They did the exams in the barn where it was dark enough for Dr. Kerr to use his headlamp to see better.
I like the way Dr. Kerr gives a bunch of info while the donkeys stand around. Justin is trying to convince Paco that he's a friend!

Paco needed a lot of convincing, but by the end Justin had won Luigi over.

The dreaded Rabies shot in the butt!

Paco's turn next.
Weegie can't bear to watch!
Justin should be proud of his donkey-winning ability.

Paco and Dr. Kerr have a little chat.

Next time I should just videotape the entire visit!
Weegie's first dental exam- and he has ONE permanent tooth!

The rest of the photos are from yesterday, for the blog posting I never did...

Cleaning up really good for the vet visit. I even broke the pitchfork, I hauled so much donkey manure!
It is great to have my helpers.
This is what it lookes like at night when the motion sensor light goes off!

Toby on the first day of Fall!
Just your typical spoiled feline.
Passion flower in the garden.
Boulder is excited that it is Autumn- his favorite season (I just know it is)!
Solo gets this expression a lot these days.
The oaks are changing.

Another Boulder pose. Can't have too many Boulder photos!
Birds hanging out on the garden trellis.
Getting comfy at The Lazy Vegan for the evening!

Happy Birthday to DREW TOMASHEFSKY
today!! Here he is over a year ago, meeting his donkey cousins for the first time!!