Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween at The Lazy Vegan!!

Happy Halloween!! This was the first year EVER that I didn't dress up as anything for Halloween- not even a hat - I just didn't feel like it. I'm too engrossed in the upcoming election and just want Prop. 2 to pass- which today's field poll shows WILL- but I'm certainly not resting until we see it happen. I did "sign-waving" twice today - in the a.m. by myself for a while and then with another volunteer and then in the evening with Nancy Perry again- and that outing was great- lots of enthusiasm for Prop. 2!! Tomorrow I'll be going to the Prop. 2 Rally & March in Santa Rosa with Karina. It feels good to be helping get the word out!!

This year, Boulder decided he wanted to be a chicken for Halloween in honor of Prop. 2!!

And Bravo was very content being a cat. So content, in fact, that he was pretty much oblivious to the fact that a cat hat was on his head.

What a cute cat he makes!

Little Ole Solo was a witch!!!

Toby declined to wear a costume this year. When I tried to put a hat on him, he tried to bite it.

Sheryl and Adrianne got into the Halloween spirit at the office!! Adrianne borrowed my Snow White costume. She made a perfect Snow White!

A couple of weeks ago on a SUNNY day, I let the boys try on their Halloween costumes. Paco was into it and Luigi most definitely was NOT. So I didn't force the issue.

First, Paco investigated the plastic pumpkin and pitchforks while Luigi waited in the barn.

These are not quite in order. Above, Luigi sheds the cape at last. The boys were devils. Of course!

Weegie raced around and around the corral until the cape flew off. He's one smart donkey.

Paco is a bit like Bravo- you can dress him up and he doesn't mind!

Luigi was REALLY not into it. Maybe Halloween just isn't his thing.

Paco was intrigued by the pitchforks.

This was the best I could do for Luigi- I didn't even attempt to put his devil horns on!

Paco shows off.

Paco was like- hey, what's next??

Paco, the little devil!

After Luigi calmed down he went to check out a pitchfork.

Paco actually POSES!

Luigi decides he's had enough.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

YES! on Prop 2 music video by an ADORABLE little boy!!

The Usual Fun at The Lazy Vegan and Sign-Waving for Prop. 2

What a great day of sign waving for Prop. 2!!! I went in the morning and again in the late afternoon in downtown Sebastopol- in the afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting and sign-waving with Nancy Perry of HSUS in Washington, D.C.- she was wonderful- great personality and energy! And in the morning Snap drove by, honked and waved her own handmade YES on Prop. 2 sign!! Later, Nancy found out that I was Tom Hennessy's daughter and had nothing but good things to say about THAT! Randy also came by (on foot) at the intersection and said we looked great- that we both had the "same high energy level". I found out that I kind of have a knack for holding a sign and waving enthusiastically- of course, it helps that this is for a cause I'm passionate about! But I started to make it a game to see how many people I could get to wave back, honk, or at least smile- and I was pretty successful. I'll be out again tomorrow. YES on Prop. 2!!!

I have to admit that my arms a bit sore already! For the faint of heart, zip right past the photo below- Bravo brought me home a present- part of a fawn. UGH, UGH, UGH. Nobody said living with a terrier would be EASY. Especially not for a vegan!!!

You have to admire Toby's patience!

Right after Randy got home from Santa Cruz, he rushed out to visit his boys. They were SO happy to have their papa back home. It was ridiculous, the displays of affection! From both sides!

Luigi rested his head on Randy's like he hadn't seen him in months.

And then Paco took his turn. They never do this with me.

Double donkey hug.

Paco gives Randy a kiss.

And then Paco let him know exactly how he'd felt about Randy being gone.

Competing for Randy's affection!

Look how cute Luigi's mouth is!

Picking up Paco's leg.

Weegie gets a chin rub.

I made Boulder a new bed for indoors and he loved it. He spent most of the day inside since it was raining a bit.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The "Final Push" for Prop. 2 Before Election Day

Tomorrow morning bright and early I'll be standing out on the street corner of Main Street in Sebastopol waving a YES! on Prop. 2 sign. I volunteered to do so and after a series of emails back and forth with the coordinator for the event- and for all the signage events for Prop. 2 in the area- I found that I was communicating with a woman I'd met at the debate last night- who turns out to be Nancy Perry, the vice president of Government Affairs for the Humane Society of the United States in Washington, D.C.! She oversees lobbying efforts in state legislatures, including ballot measure campaigns, and Congress and directs grassroots activities nationwide. She also lobbies directly for federal animal protection legislation. (That's from her bio on the HSUS website- I was impressed with her background). Anyway, she's here in Sonoma County for the "Final Push" this week before the election- it is going to be a busy time for the next six days!
Here are the awesome laminated signs that Nancy dropped off at the office for me and other volunteers. Laminated, because there's a chance of rain this weekend!
My friend Doug at the morning weekly real estate meeting. I like to bug him, and I had slapped this YES on Prop. 2 sticker on his back.

The dryer repairman. I waited around for hours for him to show up today. And then he did a great job of unassembling and reassembling the dryer and fixing it! I asked permission to take his photo. I'm sure he thought I was a real weirdo.
Solo the old farm dog!

Boulder loves to hang out in this bush. He's hard to see, but he's there!

Paco is such a pro at moving the sweet grain pan around. Luigi loses interest in it, but Paco will do this for about ten minutes after they eat their treat!
As soon as they last bit of grain is eaten, Paco will pick up the pan.

He's very pleased with himself. Luigi is getting tired of his routine.
He'll even try to hurry Luigi to finish off the grain!
I make sure Luigi gets his share.

A bit of personal grooming by Paco...

Boulder with his just-woke-up-from-a-nap look.
He always finds a spot of sun.

A photo from yesterday...right now the foreman of The Lazy Vegan is in Santa Cruz visiting Julie and Claire while I hold down the fort here at The Lazy Vegan!