Monday, October 6, 2008

Cleaning Closets and Other Fun Stuff at The Lazy Vegan

The boys plan their next move!

We're doing our version of Spring cleaning in the Fall here at The Lazy Vegan! Randy's still painting the exterior of the house...and even brought home some new colors to try on some of the orange walls. And I've tackled my closets like I never have before- am taking tons of clothes and misc. items to Goodwill tomorrow. Ever since Snap and I toured the "Tumbleweed" tiny house, I've been motivated to downsize the amount of THINGS that I have! That's about it for the excitement of the day at The Lazy Vegan.

Boulder patiently waits for dinner (on the kitchen table!).
Paco shows off the empty pine shavings bag.
A kind-of ghostly Boulder.
New color samples that Randy painted on one of the orange walls- we may go with the "Spanish Red" on a wall or two (that's the darker color).
Up to no good on the deck.
The foreman on the ladder, still painting!

Emptying my closets is no small task!
Eagerly waiting for the sweet grain.
"Dawg-gone it, Paco- she bought the same pine shaving brand again!"
Paco is such a big helper in the barn. Then he usually goes to a corner and pees.

Randy's been giving the boys their noon carrot treats lately!

He has to show Paco that the bowl is actually empty.

This is all out of order...here the boys wait for "Papa" to bring the carrots!
Too cute!

They absolutely love carrots now.