Sunday, October 5, 2008

Donkeys & Dogs on a Sunday at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder in his "Day Bed" (the outdoor bed!)
A lot of dog and donkey activity going on here at The Lazy Vegan...our neighbors recently got an adorable chocolate lab puppy- Lucy is her name- and Lucy just recently discovered that the donkeys exist! So she's been sneaking into the pasture...unfortunately, to CHASE Paco and Luigi! I had thought that Paco and Luigi would have stood their ground more- I think they were all playing at first, but I became alarmed when Lucy had them running in circles around the pasture- so after she got a bit of a visit in, I called the neighbors- she's a good pup because she went home as soon as she heard her name! I'm afraid if this becomes a trend she'll find herself LITERALLY kicked out of the pasture...Paco almost got a good kick in. Our neighbors are great and have put up with our obnoxious wandering terrriers for years...so we can hardly complain!
Randy playing with the donkeys. Never in a million years would I have guessed this would be a typical scene the day we bought the donkeys!
Everyone was out and about when I was cleaning the corral this morning!

Toby performs his tricks in front of the donkeys.
Bravo isn't aware how close he is to Paco because he's obsessed with finding and EATING the hoof trimmings from the farrier visit the other day!! Gross!

The following is a series of photos of ME with the boys- Randy's been featured so much that I thought it was my turn. The funny thing is that Luigi kept walking out of the picture to go be with Randy!!
With Paco.
With Weegie below.

At my open house today- Shawn's house- a really cool, hip artisan bungalow! I served hot apple cider but only three people came by.

Very cool painting in the dining room.

I think maybe Randy should have gotten a horse!

Paco and Randy discuss the day.

Lucy, the chocolate lab!

Tons of birds out early this morning.

Lucy helps herself to a drink.

Randy and Lucy. She sure is comfortable hanging out!
The donkeys tried to keep their distance.
Randy lectures Lucy...but it didn't do any good!