Monday, October 27, 2008

The Donkeys Get Visitors, A Water Line Breaks and the Usual Fun Stuff at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder likes to hang out at the old, empty chicken coop area.

It was a fairly mellow Monday at The Lazy Vegan- a client came to meet the donkeys with her kids and friends...and the donkeys were very well behaved (the kids were all adorable and very interested in ALL the animals!). The donkeys seemed to really enjoy the visit and so did the dogs...and even Boulder got tons of attention! Later in the early evening, a water line broke and the foreman did his best to fix it- but it didn't work so we're without water until he can get to the hardware store and fix it in the daylight tomorrow. All I could think of was how glad I was this didn't happen on the day of the half-marathon, when all I wanted to do was take a bubble bath! So we're roughing it here at The Lazy Vegan for the night...at least we have power and food and cute animals to hang out with!

Boulder stretches and then resumes his nap.

The donkeys find something interesting outside the corral.

Randy and Luigi talk things over.

I think Luigi and Randy are starting to look alike!

There's always time to walk over and say hi to a donkey.

Paco was giving Randy the special Paco-stare-down.

What a cute face!
Our visitors...the kids just loved all the animals, and the animals loved all the attention!

Even Bravo was being good!

Solo loved being held by everyone!

Boulder felt like a feline celebrity.

The kids are all from San Francisco- so I think the country and the animals were a bit hit.

Boulder always looks a bit awkward being held. He's such a big cat.

This gal kept holding Solo and would rub his paw, which he loved!

It was really a bit amusing how much attention our animals got.

Randy gets his photo taken with Paco.

Weegie looks like he's going in for a nibble!

Luigi gets his picture taken.

It was still carrot treat time at lunch time- even with company!