Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fighting (& Conquering) a Sore Throat & Bravo Eats a Dead Carcass at The Lazy Vegan

Trying out the wig- getting in the "Thing 1" mood!

I am DETERMINED not to get sick before the half-marathon this weekend, so I am resting up and taking tons of vitamin C and fluids. Bravo always seems to sense when I'm not quite myself- that's when he usually decides to wander off and find a dead body to feast on. He found what I think was part of a deer- I took a photo of it but am sparing the blog reader that image (you're welcome)...the smell was so intense that I can't imagine getting close to it, let alone EATING it (of course, as a vegan I couldn't imagine eating it regardless!). So anyway, I found Bravo in the bushes chomping away and had to carry him (REEKING) back to the house where I immediately gave him a bath with tea tree & mint dog shampoo- I even brushed his teeth. GROSS, but necessary! Right now as I type this he's taking what he believes is a well-deserved little nap. Taking care of a fiesty Jack Russell terrier is NOT for the faint of heart!

The foreman being lazy again. Very carefully putting up family photos on the freshly painted entry hall wall.

Holding my disgusting little pup after his bath. I think he secretly liked smelling better.

He better not get sick now. I'm not rushing him to the vet like I always end up doing!

The usual fun with the empty sweet grain pan!

Paco is pretty pleased with the way he can toss the pan around.

Good to that last speck of grain!
Boulder really enjoys the sun.

Boulder, by the way, SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT last night- a first!!! He woke me up at 4:30 a.m., but no matter- I didn't get up once to let him out!

Cute little bird hanging out.