Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun on a Friday at The Lazy Vegan

The fun part about the day is that I finally finished my big closet project!! I never thought I'd be putting photos of my closets on the world wide web- but since they are the cleanest closets I've EVER had I felt like showing them off! One of the great things about cleaning and getting rid of stuff is finding the cool stuff you forgot you had- like my squirrel tray, above. I have downsized my wardrobe so much that it is now a normal sized wardrobe- and I can find everything! So this is very exciting. But exhausting- so exhausting, in fact, that I decided not to go to the foreman of The Lazy Vegan's double-header softball game this evening. Since I have a long run in the morning, I decided to stay home and carbo-load with the company of the pups, donkeys and Boulder instead!
The upstairs closet, above...and the downstairs closet, below!
My PETA sweatshirt proudly displayed!
Poor Solo. I keep taking his photo when he's trudging up the driveway. He's pretty speedy going up.
The manic sweet-grain time!
Weegie in the sunset.
Boulder hanging out by the trees.

This sunflower is really heavy- time to cut it down and maybe do something with the seeds!
I've got to stop taking these silly Toby photos.
My little boys wandering to the corral. Actually, they're really not that little any longer.

Paco waits for me to present him with something.

Now THIS is hilarious- shoes for donkeys!!! I saw these "Sabre Sneakers for Donkeys" in a catalog for miniature donkeys that I just got in the mail. They're to help protect the hooves, of course. At $70.00 EACH, I won't be dashing out to buy any...but the boys sure would look ADORABLE in them!!!