Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Great Pumpkin Revisited at The Lazy Vegan

Luigi loves the Great Pumpkin!
What a difference a day makes! Today when I took just one pumpkin- The GREAT Pumpkin- into the pasture, the boys were completely intrigued! They tried to eat the stem and spent a long time sniffing- and then finally started to push it around, causing it to roll down the hill- at which point they lost interest again (except for Luigi, who for some bizarre reason was fascinated with the pumpkin that he shunned yesterday!). So, go figure...I guess it pays to try things out twice!
This is the donkey version of a "high-five", above...this was AFTER they sent the pumpkin rolling down the big hill!
Even after Paco lost interest, Luigi continued to examine the pumpkin.
Watching the pumpkin roll and roll.

Luigi was just too cute with the pumpkin!

The pumpkin rolled so fast I was afraid it was going to do some damage to the fencing below!
Approaching the Great Pumpkin from all angles.

The orange really stands out in the barren pasture!

The lighting was perfect, too- the pumpkin seemed to glow.

Paco eats the stem.

The pumpkin getting ready to roll...
Weegie hangs out with the pumpkin on the bench.
Complete enthusiasm for the pumpkin!

A pumpkin probably never got so much attention from two donkeys before!
Bravo and Boulder relax after a really long hard day of, well, relaxing.
Boulder relaxing earlier in the day.
Pretty tough being the only feline!

Check out the NEW t.v. ad for Prop. 2, above- it is short and to the point!