Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy First Day of October!

Happy First Day of October! Quite possibly my favorite month...it includes Halloween, for one thing...one of my favorite holidays! Early this evening the foreman of The Lazy Vegan helped me stack the bales of hay and I covered them in anticipation of the coming rain later this week, and did some pasture clean-up also in light of the fact it will soon be raining. Early this morning while touring houses I visited with a lone donkey (actually, he was with two HUGE sheep) near one of the homes for sale. He was very friendly and came right up to the fence for a a pat. I resisted the urge to kiss his snout, since I didn't know him!
Check out this fun website that was included in a Sarah Palin article that Patty emailed- find out what YOUR name would have been had you been born to Sarah Palin!

Here are the results for the Rousseau family (I typed in first and last names):
Diana: Dust Chinstrap
Randy: Plate Jungle
Karina: Drink Hack
Claire: Hose Hotrod
Paul: Commando Coalfire
Paco: Clop Clutch
Luigi: Shank Piston
Boulder: Recoil Mush
Solo: Muzzle Mammoth
Bravo: Fowl Overtime
Toby: Cheney Wolfhound

Double drinkers!
Really gross and HUGE bug. Thankfully, it was no longer alive.
Extremely playful donkeys this evening!
At a gallop!

Their expressions never fail to amuse me.
Boulder's dopey look.
I don't think "Recoil Mush" really fits Boulder!

Shank Piston (Luigi) and Cheney Wolfhound (Toby) above.

Shank Piston and Clop Clutch!
I love it when Luigi grabs Paco's hind leg. Really silly!

Sweet Weegie.

Best buds!

Early this morning, the deer were hanging out at the hay stack.
Now, you don't see this every day...a deer pausing to pee! She/he looks pretty thin. A family of deer have been munching on the hay lately.