Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween at The Lazy Vegan!!

Happy Halloween!! This was the first year EVER that I didn't dress up as anything for Halloween- not even a hat - I just didn't feel like it. I'm too engrossed in the upcoming election and just want Prop. 2 to pass- which today's field poll shows WILL- but I'm certainly not resting until we see it happen. I did "sign-waving" twice today - in the a.m. by myself for a while and then with another volunteer and then in the evening with Nancy Perry again- and that outing was great- lots of enthusiasm for Prop. 2!! Tomorrow I'll be going to the Prop. 2 Rally & March in Santa Rosa with Karina. It feels good to be helping get the word out!!

This year, Boulder decided he wanted to be a chicken for Halloween in honor of Prop. 2!!

And Bravo was very content being a cat. So content, in fact, that he was pretty much oblivious to the fact that a cat hat was on his head.

What a cute cat he makes!

Little Ole Solo was a witch!!!

Toby declined to wear a costume this year. When I tried to put a hat on him, he tried to bite it.

Sheryl and Adrianne got into the Halloween spirit at the office!! Adrianne borrowed my Snow White costume. She made a perfect Snow White!

A couple of weeks ago on a SUNNY day, I let the boys try on their Halloween costumes. Paco was into it and Luigi most definitely was NOT. So I didn't force the issue.

First, Paco investigated the plastic pumpkin and pitchforks while Luigi waited in the barn.

These are not quite in order. Above, Luigi sheds the cape at last. The boys were devils. Of course!

Weegie raced around and around the corral until the cape flew off. He's one smart donkey.

Paco is a bit like Bravo- you can dress him up and he doesn't mind!

Luigi was REALLY not into it. Maybe Halloween just isn't his thing.

Paco was intrigued by the pitchforks.

This was the best I could do for Luigi- I didn't even attempt to put his devil horns on!

Paco shows off.

Paco was like- hey, what's next??

Paco, the little devil!

After Luigi calmed down he went to check out a pitchfork.

Paco actually POSES!

Luigi decides he's had enough.