Monday, October 13, 2008

Lazy Donkeys at The Lazy Vegan on a Monday

What a perfect day to be a lazy donkey! Beautiful October weather for the boys to lounge around in. First I spotted them early in the morning basking in the warmth by the barn...and then later at lunch, taking naps by the feeder (hopeful that it would soon be filled!). Boulder also took in a few naps- nothing unusual there. It was harder for the pups later in the day because they had to avoid a construction zone inside- the foreman of The Lazy Vegan was busy painting and rearranging (remember, he is also known as the Interior Decorator of The Lazy Vegan!).
Weegie all covered with pine shavings!
The boys took turns napping today- Luigi was the morning napper and Paco took the afternoon shift!

Paco's feeling pretty darn relaxed.

Keeping an eye on the feeder.
While Weegie stands guard.
Cheerful Luigi!
Super silly Paco.
He actually seems to enjoy posing for the camera!

Boulder's nap is interrupted.
What a yawn!

Carrot treat time!!

Heading off to the west pasture.
Here comes the Spanish Red on a select few walls!

That's the foreman behind the fridge!
The photo below gives you an idea of the difference between the "Spanish Red" and the "Pumpkin Orange". We will still be keeping the orange in the den, computer room, kitchen and window seat area. This new color is for the entry hall and the bedroom hall. I love all the different colors!
Solo had a grand day!
And so did knuckle-head Bravo. Poor Toby didn't get his photo taken today. I was trying to get one WITHOUT the ball, and that just wasn't possible!