Friday, October 17, 2008

New Awnings and Walking the Donkeys on a Friday

The garden STILL produces!

The donkeys were THRILLED to get a walk around the property this evening and the entire crew joined them! Boulder always tags along but keeps his distance- he doesn't like it when the donkeys spot him. Also early this evening the foreman of The Lazy Vegan put up the new awning on the balcony- we also ordered one for the front door- no doubt that will make tomorrow's blog! And that's about it for the excitement of the day at The Lazy Vegan.

Acorn squash, above...and Randy puts up the new awning, below!

He makes it look like a piece of cake. At least he's not up on the extension ladder like he usually is.

Posing with my Weegie! And Toby in the background.
Yes, I look like a dweeb. Just trying to get control of my donkey. It is harder than it may look!
Poor big dragonfly is caught in the living room- I hope he figures how to get out. I'm leaving the balcony door open tonight in the hopes he can fly out.
What deprived little donkeys- standing by the EMPTY hay feeder! Really rather embarrassing considering they're right above my "Yes on 2- Stop Animal Cruelty" sign!

Sometimes Paco and Luigi look tiny.
What a trio. They look like they've just come off the range.

Paco loves the terrace. But once he decides he wants off, that's it.

Boulder watched from a distance.
The boys supervised the awning event from the pasture.
Very, very little grass left.
This is part of the property we could fence in for a secondary pasture to allow grass to grow in the main one...

Solo is pretty fearless with the boys now!

And Bravo is getting braver.
Checking in with his boys...before they pull him down the driveway!
The donkeys think up a scheme.
Sweet grain time!