Friday, October 24, 2008

The Night Before the Half-Marathon & We're All Set!

It is the night before the big race- and I'm beaming here because I'm just THRILLED it isn't a FULL marathon! I've managed to beat the cold I have been fighting off and am all set to run as "Thing One" along with Patty, a.k.a. "Thing Two" with Snap there on the sidelines as the "support crew"! The wigs might prove to be a bit of a challenge to run in for 13 miles, but we're ready. At least the forecast is for sunny skies. It would be really interesting if it rained with the wigs...stay tuned for tomorrow's blog, which hopefully will include a photo of us at the FINISH LINE of the first ever "Hallowine" Wine Country Half Marathon!

Patty tests out her wig while holding Snoopy.

Snap has a great wig of her OWN!!
Snap politely eats part of a vegan brownie.

Chowing down on Slice of Life food!

Patty unpacks the take-out from Slice of Life.

Ordering at Slice of Life, which happens to be my favorite restaurant!

At the running Expo!

We get the shirts BEFORE we finish the race!

You could upgrade for a fancier shirt for an extra $20.00, but we passed on the opportunity.
Patty adjusts her GPS system- ready to drive to the Expo!