Friday, October 3, 2008

Raindrops are Falling on Our Heads at The Lazy Vegan

Rain is here! It only took a few minutes for me to remember what life is like at The Lazy Vegan when it rains...the donkeys get wet (DUH) and covering the hay becomes an obsession- I always forget about WIND with the rain, which blows the tarp around. One of these days we'll have to upgrade to a real hay storage thing- like a BARN! I also couldn't find my good rain hat anywhere, and by the time I ran around doing quick chores my hair was soaking wet. Earlier in the day the boys got a lot of attention from the foreman of The Lazy Vegan. Still, it is always pathetic to see them standing around all wet- makes me want to have an addition built onto the house for them!
Wet Weegie! Coming into the corral for the night. At least their barn is nice and dry.
Wet hair- just one of the minor annoyances of rain at The Lazy Vegan!
Eating dinner in the "dining shelter".

Bravo relaxes indoors.

Solo does his little rain dance.

Lots of ear rubs and kisses for the donkeys!

Randy eating leftovers of his "garden fresh" pasta- he calls it "garden REFRESH"...before heading off to his softball game!
Bravo is bored. Rainy day blues!

My in-and-out cat. My attempts to break Boulder of his nightly in-and-out routine is not working, despite the fact that I put a nice litter box out for him...he still scratched at the door over and over again and last night I finally gave in. It is a good thing he's so cute!

Double head rubs for the boys!

Pretty ridiculous.

Boulder is a wimp in the rain. He much prefers to curl up indoors.

You just can't spend too much time with the donkeys!!