Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spectacular Sunday at The Lazy Vegan

A spectacular day at The Lazy Vegan today- I put up the YES on Prop. 2 yard sign. First I showed it to the donkeys and to Boulder for their approval. I didn't show it to the dogs because Bravo was in a particularly frisky mood and he probably would have eaten it! All the animals agreed, though, that the sign had to go up- only a little over three weeks till the election!
This is a great waterproof sign that I ordered online months ago when the old logo was being used for the campaign. The new logo has a picture of a pig on it. I actually prefer the old logo.
After the donkeys ran around, I sat them down and explained what Prop. 2 was all about. Told them about the fact that laying hens, pregnant pigs and calves raised for veal are in cages so small that they can't even turn around or spread their limbs/wings. They listened very carefully.
Then they talked to one another.
Weegie reads the sign.
Paco is just shocked about the inhumane treatment that goes on with animals raised for food.
Weegie spent a long time reading the sign.
Later, the boys watched as I found the perfect spot by the driveway for the sign.
They even suggested that I put it by our address sign.
Earlier, Boulder gave a definite cat nose UP for Prop. 2!

Then he said don't even think of anything but a YES vote on Prop. 2!
Investigating the sign by the barn.

The boys both hope with all their heart that it passes. They can't even imagine being confined for their entire lives!!!

Sweet grain time!

Enjoying the morning sunshine.

This little lizard was enjoying it, too!