Saturday, October 11, 2008

Super Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

Yet another super Saturday here at The Lazy Vegan! Started the day off with a long training run with Snap- only one more really long run to go before the half marathon! And then I came home and continued on my major cleaning/organization project for what has now progressed beyond the closets and includes really the entire house. The foreman of the Lazy Vegan spent part of the day painting the new "Spanish Red" color on the entry wall- this after playing his double-header softball game last night and a tennis match this morning! So I guess you could say that we're not really living up the the name right now at The "Lazy" Vegan!
Boulder likes to take dust baths- just like the donkeys- and just like the hens did- I think all animals probably like to roll around in the dirt!

Such a silly cat.

Of all the tennis balls floating around here, Toby always picks the one that is falling apart.
I'll have to sneak it away when he's not looking and discard this ball!
Woodpecker hard at work on the exterior of the cabin.
And on the tree!

Paco & Weegie hanging out in the corral.
Paco being Paco.
Going to stampede the photographer!
Randy takes a rare moment out to relax. Bravo helps him out!
The donkeys do everything together!