Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thing One and Thing Two Recuperate the Day After at The Lazy Vegan

Thing One (that would be me) and Thing Two (that would be Patty) are both a tad sore today after the half marathon. But I'm already thinking ahead to next year- wondering what our costumes should be! How can we win again? I think the big draw was our wigs...here were are above, at the start- you can just make out our bright light blue wigs...this is the only photo posted on the race website- we have to wait a day or so for the full results (and no doubt more photos!).
In other Lazy Vegan news, Paul stopped by for a visit this evening and I got to check out his new car- a very nice (used) Acura! Bravo is always THRILLED to see Paul and ran around like a wild pup!
Check out Dad's new YES on Prop. 2 column at the bottom of this posting...THANK YOU, DAD!! It helps the campaign so much to get positive press!!

Boulder is such a cool cat.

Paul and Bravo in the kitchen.

Checking out Paul's new car!

Toby's ready to go for a ride.

The donkeys are always happy to have an opportunity to chase the dogs off.

Getting affection from the foreman of The Lazy Vegan!

Hanging out at carrot-treat time.

Both canines and equines are equally interested in carrots!

Weegie eats out of Randy's hand but not out of mine. Whoops, double photo.

Making Bravo work a bit for his carrot piece!

Weegie is pretty fascinated by Bravo's jumping talent.

Bravo hangs out hoping to score another carrot.

It is so relaxing just hanging out with the boys!

When Bravo heard it was carrot treat time, he was the first one out the door!

Boulder's new favorite resting spot.
Bravo checks out the new pillows that the foreman- also the interior decorator of The Lazy Vegan- just bought.

Just like they do in Italy- walking the donkeys while shirtless!