Thursday, October 2, 2008

Threats of Rain & The Vice Presidential Debate

Paco is all set for the debate!! Too bad there's no t.v. in the barn!

Rain is coming to The Lazy Vegan...now that I have outdoor animals to be responsible for (the donkeys, of course) I pay much more attention to the weather forecast...there's hay to be covered and salt licks to put under shelter...and I make sure the barn is extra comfy with dry pine shavings! All this and it hasn't actually even rained yet- but should tomorrow. The pups and the foreman of The Lazy Vegan and I all watched the V.P. debate and prayed for Palin to stumble...which she didn't exactly do, although halfway through I realized what she reminds me of-- a ventriloquist dummy!

Bravo was too busy chewing his bone to even look up during the debate.
The foreman beats the rain with the final exterior maintenance.

Fun and games after a sweet grain snack!

So much fun with the pan.

This pan is definitely their favorite- I think because it is made of rubber.

Weegie has been very spunky lately!

Weegie tries to get a nibble in.

Toby in black and white. Waiting for the ball.

Solo seemed to have a nice evening. He actually watched the debate!
All the fuzzy "purple dog" toys have been trashed.

It isn't easy being the only feline. Lots of naps and stretching to do!