Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Winning Day for "Thing One" and "Thing Two" at the Wine Country Half-Marathon!

What a great day for "Thing One" (myself) and "Thing Two" (Patty)!! A well-run half-marathon and a first-prize in the "team division" for our costumes!! Wonder Woman won for the individual division. We got an early start to the day- as these things always start early- and were lucky to have the great support of Snap, the official one-person (one-mom) support team! Snap dropped us off in the dark and then made her way to the finish line before the streets were closed for the event.
Some of the event highlights were: discovering that the wigs stayed in place- a huge relief- but the front stickers did not; we used extra safety pins to keep them on...finding out that we most certainly could have and should have run in SHORTS (pretty toasty out there in our wigs and long pants)...and realizing that not everyone knows WHO "Thing One" and "Thing Two" are-but lots of people did, including an adorable young boy at a water station who enthusiastically shouted out: "It's Thing One and Thing Two from Cat in the Hat!!!"

We got these cool medals at the finish.

Putting our stickers on early in the morning! Snap was the official race photographer!
The pre-race photo with our long sleeved shirts on.

Snap dropped us off in the dark- then we walked to the starting line, quite certain that we were the ONLY runners in costume! It wasn't until later that we spotted a few: Snow White (two of them), some jail inmates, a group of Robin Hood types, a bumblebee, two cats, mickey mouse and more.

At the finish line we whipped out our orange crepe paper streamers to celebrate!

We sure looked like dweebs.

I've often wondered how Snap spent her time as the support crew while we were busy running. Usually she's managed to find a way through the police lines and such to be able to see us while on the course, but this race was impossible for that- so instead she took a tour of the Warm Springs Dam!

So while Snap was reading up on start tanks, we were huffing and puffing and futzing with our water bottles on what turned out to be a fairly hilly course!

I have no idea what the photo below is.
Warm Springs Dam was a beautiful spot for the finish.

The finish line before any runners are in sight!

Runners in Spartacus costumes!
Grown man in a tutu!
Two guys in skirts- we saw them at the finish.

Thing Two with the Mother of Thing One and Thing Two! Note Snap's GREAT WIG!

Quite the trio!!

This woman was explaining to us how she kept our blue wigs in sight ahead of her and used us as a "focal point" to keep on going!

Always a thrill to be DONE.

Thing Two waits in the wine line!

Thing Two gets her wine!

There was wine at several of the water aid stations, which I thought was hilarious.

Thing One and Mother of Thing One and Thing Two!

The girlfriends of the guys in skirts wanted our photos taken with their boyfriends...pretty funny. I think people were starting to feel a bit of the wine by this point. Not me, since I don't drink...I couldn't imagine drinking after running that far!
Getting some posing instructions.

We got free wine glasses at the end, too.

I pose with Snap's wine to complete the photo!

This woman said she was behind us- and she happens to be wearing a Thing One and Thing Two SHIRT!

Snap looked fantastic in her punk rock wig!
Hanging out waiting for the awards ceremony!

Posing in front of the band.

I got this a little out of order - here's our PRIZE for the costumes- a huge bottle of wine!

Thing Two displays our winnings!

Up at the grandstand, receiving our award with Wonder Woman and getting our professional photo taken!

So fun to win something after our hard work!!
Special thanks to our wonderful support crew- we couldn't have done it without you, Snap-you took care of every little detail (including driving the course by herself weeks earlier to check it out!)... heck, Thing One and Thing Two didn't even know where the STARTING LINE was!!