Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Super Sunny Sunday at The Lazy Vegan

Solo helps with chores at dusk!
It was another beautiful and incredibly warm day at The Lazy Vegan...the foreman continued with his deck repair work and I went to the feed store for hay & dog & cat food. We're going to use the old chicken coop to store bales of hay in- this way we won't have to deal with the hay getting wet in the rain. I STILL miss my hens and think of them often- I hope they're happy in their new (but original) home! If we could have kept them I definitely would have...I don't miss the worrying about their survival, but I do miss seeing them dash about, and it is weird to be using their old coop for hay storage. Of course, their old coop USED to be the cabin bathroom- so it is certainly getting a lot of reincarnations!

I just love looking outside and seeing my donkeys. I never get tired of this sight!
It is funny how they'll pick the same area to graze in, right next to one another.

Tomorrow the farrier comes. Amazing how fast 8 weeks goes.

Frisky donkeys.

Adorable little bird.

Paco is such a goof sometimes.

Bright-eyed Weegie!

Earlier in the day, Weegie attempted to pick up the shovel- and then Paco zoomed over. Look at his snarky expression here. He thinks he's the only donkey allowed to pick things up!

Luigi had figured out how to get a hold of the handle and everything.

Boulder was happy this morning- I tried the FURMINATOR on him and he loved it!

Boulder's pile of fur on the lounge chair!