Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baron Gets a New Sister, Toby Goes to the Vet and Carrot Treat Time for Everyone at The Lazy Vegan!

Everyone except Solo (who was off on a solo wander) and Boulder (who was off cat-napping) got in on carrot treat time today...it is the bravest we've ever seen the dogs around the donkeys- I couldn't believe how close Bravo and Paco were to one another! At the very end, Paco did chase him off...I didn't get a photo of that. In other very exciting news, Baron (one of the world's cutest dogs belonging to Tim & Camille) got a sister today!! I was honored to be there for her homecoming. Her tentative name is "Sophie". Baron is so excited!!
And Toby had his annual vet exam today- he always brings his ball to the vet with him and is a big hit in the waiting room. Today he wasn't too excited as the vet had to take two ticks off of him and said he must have his teeth cleaned- which he's scheduled to have done next Friday. Never a dull moment here at The Lazy Vegan!

Bravo and Paco- inches apart!

Paco was concerned that there might not be enough carrots to go around.
The dogs are in line first!

Paco looked for a moment like he was thinking about charging Bravo.

I really need to videotape this some time- the sound of them all chomping on carrots is hilarious!

The foreman of The Lazy Vegan was very popular!
Weegie gets super close to Toby...

Toby was completely oblivious.

Bravo, as usual, hogs the event.

It was Toby's turn today to snuggle in the pillows! I didn't get any photos of him at the vet. He was too busy playing with his ball, and I was too busy keeping him away from people and other dogs and cats!

Camille with Sophie!

It is a wonder I didn't sneak her home!

Baron shows his new sister around.

The whole family!

Baron hopes he'll still get a lot of attention- which I am sure he will!