Sunday, November 30, 2008

Boulder is Limping at The Lazy Vegan

It was a day of concern (and now an evening of concern) for Boulder at The Lazy Vegan- suddenly he is limping. I noticed him walking a bit funny last night and for the first time ever he didn't wake me up to go out in the middle of the night...I think he knows he's a bit lame and can't run and therefore shouldn't be out at night, even to do his business. I bought some Epsom Salts to soak his paw/leg (can't determine if it is the paw or leg), but he would have none of it- he even bit me twice! So we're just going to wait another day and see if it improves. Everything else about him seems fine. It was weird seeing him hang out in the same spot today- he didn't go far from the house. Poor little Boulder! I'm hoping it is just a sprain from jumping off the terrace or something and that it will heal by itself. In other news, the morning started off with some excitement when a fox wandered into the pasture- I couldn't believe that I happened to be watching from the house- I saw him wander in and then BOTH Paco and Luigi charged after him- he really took off! I was glad to see that they banded together to protect themselves- even it if was a harmless (to them) fox.
Boulder hung out under the tree close to the bedroom terrace all day.
Toby waiting for you-know-what. The ball!

The foreman of The Lazy Vegan is almost done with the deck project- today he painted the primer coat on the top of the siding. It looks red but it will be copper when it is finished.

Bravo spots a bird or a fly or something outside.

A bird blends right in!

At first I thought Boulder might have a broken nail but couldn't find anything wrong with his paws.

He didn't seem all that upset when he was lounging in the sun.

Carrot treat time - taken with the zoom lens from the deck!

I get so much help cleaning out the barn!The boys trudge off to work the fields...oh, I mean to graze!

I love how they do everything together!

Bravo was obsessed with the smells near the old hay stack.