Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fog, Then Clouds, and Finally Rain at The Lazy Vegan on a Saturday

It was a cloudy and then stormy day at The Lazy Vegan today...with a bit of sunshine inbetween, long enough for the pups to go on a long walk and for the donkeys to run around (and for Boulder to get a sunny catnap in). We have some hay storage issues going on and unfortunately a few bales of hay are ruined from the rain- so tomorrow if it isn't raining, I'm taking the truck and getting some new bales of hay and somehow we'll carry them up to the cabin where they'll stay dry! Eventually we need a little barn just for the hay. We can't feed moldy hay to the donkeys- it would make them very sick. Plus, knowing them they wouldn't eat it, anyway! Playing on the driveway.

Toby's cute face.

Boulder wakes up from a nap.

This is his latest spot- I put his bed (with a heating pad!) up on the desk by the computer- this way the dogs don't bug him and he can be near me while I'm on the computer!

A little bird right before the rain came down.
Solo was a big help in the corral today!

Weegie is so classically cute. A classically cute donkey!
Solo hung out while I was on manure patrol.

Paco charges me.
Boulder didn't spend that much time outdoors today. He really just likes it when it is sunny.

Bravo scopes out the yard.

Note the new green grass!

A hawk when there was blue sky.
I love the cover of Peta's new rescue calendar!