Friday, November 14, 2008

The Furminator Comes to The Lazy Vegan

It has been a pretty exciting day at The Lazy Vegan- we bought a FURMINATOR, which is an amazing shedding comb for dogs and cats. I'm so tired of cleaning up piles and piles of terrier fur everywhere- and my hope is that after a couple of uses of the furminator, the dogs will shed less. Apparently the furminator is very popular- I found tons of videos on YouTube of people using the furminator on their dogs- and all the dogs seem to love it- we were really surprised that Solo, Bravo & Toby LOVED being brushed with it!
The Furminator was a pricey little item, but well worth the $.

Look at the PILE of fur that came off of Solo! He was so happy that he howled about it.

Toby's fur, below.

It was pretty funny to watch the dogs line up for their turn!

It has been a day for dog purchases- we also got an anti-barking device that looks like a birdhouse. We put it on the deck, and when the dogs bark it emits a high-pitched noise that only they can hear. We'll see if it really works.

Pet-co got a lot of our business today.

Bravo's feeling good with less fur!

We can try the Furminator on Boulder, too- but I haven't yet.

Boulder makes his rounds. Early this morning, all the dogs were barking frantically at something outside- and then Bravo escaped out the front door as Randy was leaving and ran like a mad dog up the hillside- I thought for sure there was a coyote or something. Randy went after him and it was hard not to laugh- you could see Bravo zooming past Randy like a little brown and white blur.

Paco grazes with a view.

Hard to see (unless you magnify it)- but "my geese" are flying by...
The boys with Paco's shadow.

After their sweet grain treat, the boys decide what their next move will be!

Boulder looks like he's keeping track of our appointments or something!