Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Gray, Gray Day at The Lazy Vegan

Paco watches while I cleaned out the barn.

No sun shining on The Lazy Vegan today- it was a gray, gray day. Still, the donkeys and dogs and Boulder managed to have a good day. Boulder stayed inside for hours and snugggled with Toby upstairs, while Solo & Bravo napped downstairs. Lots of napping going on. It was a good day for some hot chocolate- complete with vegan marshmallows!
Whether it is gray out or not, Toby is still interested in playing ball!

Once again Solo helped me with chores at dusk!

Bravo always follows me when I go up and down the stairs. If I stop, he'll stop. If I take two steps, he'll take two steps. It is pretty funny.

The view from the balcony- you can see that the donkeys are getting in their hee-haw positions, ready to sound off for dinner.

Boulder & Toby hang out together upstairs.
Solo watches from afar during carrot treat time.
Bravo scores a carrot treat!
Look how happy he is!

Randy now has to toss carrot pieces far off for the dogs so the donkeys get a chance to get theirs. It is quite a production.
Donkeys on the left, pups on the right of the foreman.
Lots of crunching going on.

I think Paco is getting a bit annoyed at having to share carrot treat time.