Friday, November 7, 2008

Green Grass is Coming Back at The Lazy Vegan

Perhaps it has something to do with "victory week", but suddenly the grass seems to be coming back in the pasture at The Lazy Vegan- really great news! We still may have to reconfigure the fencing and make the area smaller temporarily for the donkeys while some grass has a chance to really grow back. The donkeys didn't even hee-haw like they usually do midday- I don't think they were hungry- and they were SUPER playful today, too! And that's my exciting report of the day.
Boulder heads up the driveway.

Solo howls!
What a mug.

The donkeys like to have their important discussions in the barn.

You can see the really green grass outside the pasture.

It may not look like much- but a definite showing of green!

So much fun to be a donkey.

Weegie gets a bite in.

And Paco bites back!

The boys were really racing around- the photos don't capture how fast they were going.
Paco was especially fast today!

I love Luigi's prancing legs!

Going to take a breather under the oak tree.

Boulder's Orphan Annie expression!