Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hanging Out at the Hospital & Other Fun Stuff on a Sunday at The Lazy Vegan

Today I visited Kaiser hospital for the first time. Snap's been hanging out there all weekend while long-time friend Ramona has hip surgery. It is a very nice hospital, and the word "THRIVE" is their motto- it is everywhere- I should have taken photos of it. Darn! I was trying not to take too many photos, as it seemed vaguely inappropriate in such a setting and under the circumstances. The rest of the day was spent cleaning and doing this and that- and suddenly it was dark. This is just the way the days seem to go ever since the time changed. BAM. Suddenly it just seems to become dark, and the day- or at least the daylight- is over! You just can't take us ANYWHERE. Here we are in the elevator, having a grand old time while poor Ramona is being operated on.
Snap acted like she owned the place. Here she shows me the surgery waiting room, where every six feet there's a NO FOOD, NO DRINK sign- and she'd had a snack right under one yesterday before she noticed.
Snap navigated the hallways of Kaiser like a pro!
In the room where Ramona was wheeled out of...Snap demonstrates the little sponge wand for taking a sponge "drink". Geez, they should hire Snap there at Kaiser! She would be a great addition.

Snap takes down a note of where she is parked in the huge parking lot, so when she leaves in the dark she'll be able to find her car. Yes, folks. This tells you a lot about why I am who I am now as an adult.
F-1. Kind of like BINGO!

Kaiser had this cool Stonehenge-like sculpture outside. Since Snap was just at the real Stonehenge last week, this seemed oddly fitting!

My sweet Weegie at dusk.

Checking out the fresh bag of pine shavings.
Luigi looks like such a classic donkey.
Toby is still on painkillers but seems to be feeling much better.

Boulder comes out from his resting spot.

Early morning deer.

Boulder checks out the deer.