Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from The Lazy Vegan!

Eating Vegan Pumpkin Pie with Vegan Whipped Soy Topping!
Happy Thanksgiving!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal at Grandma Snap's house- she even made an entire vegan section of the menu for the vegans- including a tofurky! Other highlights of the day included a morning visit from real turkeys- and the donkeys had a late morning holiday walk around the property. Here are just some of the zillions of photos I took to document the day!

You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between soy whipped topping and regular whipped topping...at least that's what I think!

Patty's DOUBLE pie slice plate!

Claire and Grandma Snap getting pies ready!

Drew just refuses to smile for his aunt Diana (or for anyone!).



Paul and Claire kicking back.

Patty prepares the pies.

I marked the one VEGAN pumpkin pie so the non-vegans didn't eat it

Aaron recovers from a taste of tofurky!

Sitting down for the feast! We missed Karina this year- she went to Oregon to celebrate T-Day with Nick and his relatives.
Cute Robin hanging out in Snap's backyard.
Anth relaxes with "old Snoopy".

I took Aaron's photo while leaning over his chair.
My vegan Thanksgiving plate!! Everything is vegan (of course)! The tofurky was great!

Snap carves the tofurky.
Patty adds her non-vegan marshmallows to her potato dish.

The cook takes a wine break!
Drew tries to figure out his aunt Diana.

The platter of tofurky!

Everyone got a chance to wear the turkey hat...here's Paul!

...and Aaron!

Randy tries it on!
Snap had this nifty oven all set up for the tofurky!
Just call her "Snap Stewart"!
The cook tries on the turkey hat.

The turkey hat was a great find. Expect to see it at future T-Day events!

Scott looked great in the hat!
I'm glad I just wear turkey hats and don't eat them!

Earlier in the day, the hat made the rounds at The Lazy Vegan.

The donkeys enjoyed their holiday stroll.

The pups got out, too.

Randy took the boys out for over an hour. At one point, Paco needed to stop to rest his head!
Randy surprised me at the front door with the donkeys- I love it when he does that- it is such a kick to see them at the door when you're not expecting it!
Really lazy crew this morning. Solo was asleep downstairs while Boulder, Bravo and Toby slept upstairs.

Visits from the turkeys on Thanksgiving! They know they're completely safe here at The Lazy Vegan!

This year we sponsered a turkey at Farm Sanctuary- here's how the turkeys at Farm Sanctuary spend the holiday! (Farm Sanctuary photo)

Here's the turkey we sponsered- her name is Hannah (I had actually sent in money for a turkey named Phoenix, but then got a certificate for Hannah- which is fine!).
Hannah (Farm Sanctuary photo)