Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Leaving the Lazy Vegan for a Trip to Santa Cruz

We left the crew at The Lazy Vegan in the very capable hands of Karina while we took a trip down to Santa Cruz! None of the animals seemed all that aware that we had left (with the exception of Paco, who actually gave me a nip when I had said good-bye!). We had a really nice visit with Julie, Claire & Paul and Lindsay! On the way down. I used to hold my breath while going through tunnels- now I just take a photo!

The Golden Gate really is impressive.
We had an amazing dinner at an "Asian-Fusion" style restaurant with lots of vegan choices- fantastic food!

Claire gives Julie a hug!

Randy may look like he's making an emergency call to 911 here- but actually he's just calling a restaurant to see if they have anything vegan on the menu!

Hanging out in Julie's nifty computer room- where all the behind-the-scenes Scrabble action takes place!

Riding in the front seat of Paul's new Acura- a very nice car - and Paul is an excellent driver!

Claire in the backseat.
Paul behind the wheel.

Leaving the restaurant.

Randy being silly at the restaurant. Our waiter was straight out of a Seinfeld episode- very unusual!

Playing "Anagrams" after dinner.
Randy studies his letter.
Looking up the word "dinky"!

Paul was a ruthless player and, of course, won.
Which he was quite pleased about.
I'm usually pretty good at word games but clearly had an off night with just one word!
There was no stopping Paul!

I'm showing my letter "E" to Claire.
Paul's long list of words:

Breakfast in Julie's cozy kitchen.
Heading home...the "rainbow" tunnel!
A rainy ride back.
Randy demonstrates his ability to drive and eat chips at the same time!