Thursday, November 20, 2008

Playful Donkeys at Dusk on a Thursday at The Lazy Vegan

Paco and Luigi were really feeling their oats - their sweet grain - this evening! They went wild running around while bucking and snorting- they put on quite the show. Luigi fell down once and Paco fell down twice. They like to run around the perimeter of the pasture and circle the oak tree-repeatedly! And luckily they had clear skies to run around in, after it rained this morning.
The photos don't really show how fast they were moving!

When Paco fell down, he just sort of sat there for a bit.

A stand-off.

Weegie does a little buck and kick up the hill!
I'm always amazed that they don't kick one another's teeth out by accident.

The playing started in the barn, right after I cleaned it.

First they'll do some silly looks and then one of them will break out into a run.

But first they paused to get some refreshments- the landscaping on the OTHER side of the fence.

When I was cleaning out the barn, Weegie looked long and hard at the shovel and tried to pick it up.

Naturally Paco had to zoom over to show him how to do it.
Boulder basking.
Toby is wondering where in the world he left his ball!

Running around having fun with the ball in the pasture.
You got it...the daily carrot treat time!
A lot of crunching going on.Fighting for the thrown carrot piece.
Solo is wise to stay out of this mess- he gets a carrot treat from me later.
Boulder plays indoors.