Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post Thanksgiving at The Lazy Vegan

Everyone is still in a holiday mood at The Lazy Vegan, post-Thanksgiving! It helps to have a bit of sunshine back. Boulder, Bravo and Toby have really been spending a lot of time lounging upstairs. Poor Solo can't climb stairs any longer- but he's content hanging downstairs in his special bed. I even sneak him treats sometimes when the other dogs are upstairs. He seems to know I'm sneaking them to him and even seems to chew more quietly so they won't hear - seriously! I wouldn't make this kind of stuff up. Once you're attuned to the various animal sounds at The Lazy Vegan, you can tell when a dog is chewing quieter than usual!
Boulder relaxing upstairs.

Not a bad place to hang out!

Bravo tries to wake Boulder up!
Toby is hopeful that a ball might appear.

The foreman of The Lazy Vegan hard at work on the deck.

Solo returns from his solo wanderings. He is the only dog I trust to go off on his own. He goes on his little route and then gives three little barks when he returns!

Boulder catnaps with his toy mice.
I was the carrot-treat provider today, and Weegie refused to take the carrots from my hand- so I put them out on the bench for him. Here he's trying to decide which one looks best!

After carrot treat time, both boys promptly headed back to the big pasture.

I don't know why I post these peeing-in-the-barn photos...I think it is because I'm always in disbelief when the boys waltz in to pee RIGHT after I've cleaned out the barn!!
I should insist that they clean it up themselves.

I could not resist taking the photo below- I strained my back the other day and was talking about how much shoveling up donkey manure hurts it- so one of the donkeys was kind enough to do his biz on top of the bench, thus making it easier for me to clean up. Very kind of him.

Of course, that was just a little pile. There was still plenty to pick up on the ground!

Boulder heads in for lunch.

I got the boys a nifty new salt & mineral block holder- this one hangs up in their dining shelter.

Luigi was especially intrigued with it.
Photos from when Paul came over later on Thanksgiving- Bravo adores him!
Classic Jack Russell jumping!

Toby tries to get into the act, too.

What a well trained (NOT) pup!