Sunday, November 9, 2008

Seeing Snap Off to London & a Visit from Claire at The Lazy Vegan

Snap is off to London!

It was a very nice day to see Snap off to London- a beautiful sunny morning when I dropped her off at the Airporter for the start of her trip! I'm sure I'll talk to her tomorrow when she's on British ground. We also got a fun visit from Claire today. The donkeys, dogs and Boulder were thrilled to see her (and we were, too!). Randy and Claire got to hang out and practice a bit of guitar (see video at bottom of this post!). A great way to cap off the weekend!

Snap even color coded the zipper of her purse to indicate where her passport is stored!

London, here she comes!

The boys loved getting attention from Claire!

And Paco does his usual balance-his-head-on-Papa routine.

The daily kiss.

Paco might want to follow Claire back to Santa Cruz!

Trying to pose for a family portrait of sorts, below...

Paco always has to be front and center, while Luigi was no fool- he was off eating the fresh grass!

We sure love our donkeys!

Claire, Paco & Weegie!

The boys didn't hesitate to come right up to Claire.

A quick ball toss for Toby.

And one last hug for Paco.

Discussing guitar playing in the kitchen!

Solo is happy to be on my lap, while Bravo is on Randy's.

Solo with Claire!
Check out the video of Randy's hilarious song, below!