Monday, November 10, 2008

Sleepy Monday Donkeys

The donkeys took advantage of the sunshine this morning and pretty much just lazed around! They look so funny lounging- and especially when they get up. I'm glad they soaked up the sun because soon they'll be soaked from the rain that is due to hit The Lazy Vegan (it sounds like we're an island!) this evening.
I spoke with the British correspondent of The Lazy Vegan- a.k.a. Snap- this morning while she was just walking into her room at the bed and breakfast- she had a great flight and sounded pretty darn awake considering she hadn't really slept! I'm hoping she'll have a chance to get to Stonehenge at some point- we need a Stonehenge correspondent to report back to The Lazy Vegan!

Sometimes Weegie seems to be just slightly smarter than Paco- here he is nibbling the new grass coming up while Paco LOUNGES.

Oh, MY. Must be very difficult being a donkey.

Paco's proper stance while getting up.

Weegie can't believe what a lazy bum his brother is being.

Paco decides it is just too much work to get up.

I'm feeling much better about the pasture now that grass is coming back. Still, our long range goal is to fence the rest of the property and switch the donks back and forth from pasture to pasture.

Luigi's turn to lounge.

I love how Weegie rests his head on his leg!

Just a glorious morning!

Not everyone can have their morning glass of orange juice and look out to see their donkeys resting!

The boys figure out what to do with their day.

Getting a hug from Papa, fresh out of the morning hot tub!

Boulder cozy in his bed!