Saturday, November 15, 2008

Taking Advantage of Super Warm Weather in November at The Lazy Vegan

Bravo helps Randy work on the deck.

Another really warm day at The Lazy Vegan! The foreman took advantage of the warm weather to do some maintenance on the deck- he had to take down the big trellis because it was causing water to trap, which was then rotting the edges of the deck. So he spent most of the day sawing away and removing wood rot (while the pups supervised). I cleaned up the barn, corral and part of the pasture while the donkeys ran around playing. The next big project will be removing all the poison oak that has been growing back in the pasture- after much consideration and research, we've decided to use Roundup (I'm NOT a fan of this)- we'll have to keep the donkeys in the corral until Randy can then dig what is left of the plants up. I'll save that exciting event for the next blog posting!

Randy had to actually cut a hole through the side of the deck.
Which the dogs, of course, found fascinating.

It is a good thing the foreman has some rock climbing experience!

Paco decides he's had enough of Toby being in the pasture.

Bravo and Boulder.

The donkeys love to knock over their salt lick bowl and then investigate the bottom!

Amazing bright blue sky today.

Paco was transfixed by the cows across the way. Every once in a while he does this, and nothing can break his stare.

Grazing again!
Silly Boulder.

And ridiculous Paco!

Solo really gets a work-out around the property.

Boulder keeps watch in the driveway.
A lot of the pasture is still dirt. I'm hoping that will change.

Toby and Solo heading home.
Last night was movie night at The Lazy Vegan, and everyone got cozy in the den!