Wednesday, November 5, 2008


VICTORY!!!Prop. 2 passes by a landslide- what an incredible victory for millions of animals statewide- we've set the bar now for the rest of the United States! Change is coming! Soon ALL animals, even those raised for food, will be receiving more HUMANE treatment.
And with Obama as our new president, anything now seems possible! What a wonderful time!!
Weegie was thrilled to hear the news about Prop. 2!

This was before I head the news- I was just all excited about sign waving!

I absolutely loved this great "Guy Wilson" crew- they willingly held my extra Prop. 2 signs for me- even had to deal with a nasty verbal attack from a pedestrian who was opposed to Prop. 2 before I could intervene! I wish I had asked them to take my photo- I have no photo of me on on the streets sign waving- but it doesn't matter, because I have great memories!! And I'm still sore to prove I was out there! Last night two young girls helped me hold extra signs- they were great about it, especially when they heard that the proposition was about helping animals!

Getting a hug from Papa.

While the donkeys are super happy about Prop. 2 passing, they know that the work for animals is not done. In fact, their Mama is JUST STARTING!!

THANK YOU, family & friends- for listening to me blab on and on about Prop. 2- and for all your yes votes!!!