Monday, November 17, 2008

Yet Another Farrier Visit at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder does his impersonation of an owl.

Eight weeks goes so fast - that's how often the farrier comes to visit The Lazy Vegan! Paco and Luigi seem to recognize the sound of his big truck when he pulls up the driveway- of course, by then they're all geared up in their halters & leads so they know that something's up. They're a lot better about the farrier visits now than they were the first few times- the very first time I was by myself and the farrier had to tie Paco to the fence and it was horrible- now we have the foreman of The Lazy Vegan help hold and reassure the donkeys & everyone is much happier!

Boulder's thankful the farrier doesn't visit him. He keeps his claws nice and trim by scratching on the couch & bench indoors- and the oak tree trunks.

There's that lazy foreman of The Lazy Vegan being lazy again.

With Paco on the hillside.

Carrot treat time!!

Bravo looks for every opportunity to catch a fallen carrot piece.

Everyone heads up for carrot treats.

Paco looks on while Luigi takes his turn. This was after Paco was done, and he was actually very interested in watching the farrier.

It is no easy task for the foreman, either.

Weegie looks on below while it is Paco's turn.

Here's a close up- the farrier has to first clean out all the dirt in the hoof, and then scrapes and clips.

Paco isn't thrilled at all.

Weegie keeps his distance.

Paco is very dramatic about it!

Luigi tries to hide by the trees.

It always seems to take a long time!

All harnessed up and ready to go.

Luigi refused to let me put on his halter and lead this morning, so the foreman had to do it.

First, Randy has a chat with Luigi.
Classic- right after I cleaned out the barn before the farrier arrived, Paco sauntered over and made his mark.

Luigi investigates the lead ropes.

Donkeys in the morning mist.